Similar to a bed & breakfast or boutique style hotel, WHELP offers a more comfortable, personal “at home” experience than your traditional boarding facility. Located in West Slope neighborhood (PDX/Beaverton) the scenery looks like something out of a movie, lush & green, streets are lined with exquisite landscaping, and a variety of hiking/walking trails and parks. Perfect for our adventure walks!

The Dogessori includes a fully fenced outdoor setting (.5 acre) with three play areas setup for lots of doggie day activity! Our indoor area is open with lots of natural sunlight, is climate controlled, clean, and safe for more doggie fun! All areas of our Dogessori are cage/kennel free.

Dogessori Includes:

  • Lots of TLC & Attention
  • Pet First Aid & CPR Certified Staff
  • Supervision by Certified Professional Dog Trainer and animial behaviorist
  • Medical Administration
  • ACTIVITES: Arts & Crafts, Music Time, Games (Focus Training), Down Time, Adventure Walks, so Much More…
  • A Digital Pawgress Report
All Day: $32
Half Day: $22

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One Month: $400 (Save $80)
Half Month: $145 (Save $20)

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Please note, in order to keep all of our dogs and their families safe, we have a few attendance requirements listed below that must be met before your pup can attend our Dogessori.

Requirements Include:

  • Dog Assessment: Personality (no aggression and leash reactive to other dogs or staff), Comfort/ Sensitivity to Touch (staff must be able to touch head & body of the dog including their ears, mouth, paws and tail without incident).
  • Current Vaccinations: Bordetella, Distemper Parvovirus and Rabies (6 months and older)
  • Male Dogs Need to be Neutered (6 months and older)
  • Flea Prevention Treatment in Place


Play space is limited and fills up fast… don’t wait too long!


Our Training Philosophy
Utilizing the latest science-based training techniques, our Certified Professional Dog Trainer and animal behaviorist expert will deliver results and dramatically improve your pets behavior while strengthening your bond with your dog and your family. Whether you want to drop your pooch off for an extended board and train, you’re interested in private in-home training, we will customize a training program that is unique to you, your pet and your lifestyle.

Below are a list of training options available, but not limited to.

  • Puppy
  • Therapy Dog
  • Basic Obedience and Manners
  • Barking, Digging, Chewing, and Jumping
  • Off-Leash Recalls
  • Aggression & Reactivity
  • Fear
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Canine Matchmaking*

*Interested in getting a dog, but not sure where to start… we can help with that too. Have a professional guide you through selecting the right dog for your family and lifestyle.


Our most popular service! At WHELP, we believe that the most effective training is done in the comfort of your home.

For the initial one hour consultation ($100) we will come to your home, assess your goals & environment, answer any questions you might have, and go over a few key training commands such as: Focus, Sit, Stay, Release and Leave it. If you decide to sign-up for a package after our initial consultation, we will apply half of the original fee ($50) to your purchased package.

Training Packages Include:

  • Exceptional training conducted by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and animal behaviorist
  • Custom training plans after each session
  • Follow up support between sessions as needed via email or phone
Single sessions are available to help with a single behavior issue, basic manners and/or refresh on previous training.

One Session: $100

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Ideal for those seeking help with a single behavior issue, basic manners, and/or foundation obedience work.

Three Sessions: $270

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A great choice for homes with more than one dog in need of training, or who are seeking help for mild-to-moderate behavior issues. It’s also the perfect amount of sessions for more intensive manners and/or obedience training for adult dogs.

This is a popular package for those that have just brought home a new adult dog, or someone looking to sharpen their dog’s existing skills!

Five Sessions: $440

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This package works great for clients looking for complete obedience training (including proofing outdoors, in new locations, and with distractions), moderate-to-severe behavior or aggression issues, multi-dog homes, and/or more complex cases.

Eight Sessions: $680

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Our puppy kickoff package is designed for puppies under 6 months old and is the perfect way to create a solid training and socialization foundation. We specialize in puppy development!

  • A customizable six session private in-home training program
  • We help with potty training, nipping, and other common puppy problems
  • Your puppy will learn all the basic cues such as: Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Leave It, Drop It, and Go To Bed.
  • We will also work on loose leash walking, and more

Six Sessions: $480

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Come home to a tired, happy, well-trained dog!

Want visible results without the big-time commitment? With our in-home day training package, we’ll come to your home and work with your dog while you’re away, and you’ll only need to take part in a biweekly “owner transfer” session to make sure you’re caught up with what we’ve been working on.

We can create a custom package specific to your dog’s needs in addition to our standard curriculum that includes:

  • Sit, Down, Place, Stay, Come, Heel, Return, Leave It, Wait, On Your Bed, & Park It
  • Loose Leash Walking

Work Week: $300 (If Signed Up for at Least Three Weeks)
Special Work Week: $220*

*Must sign-up for at least three weeks for the special work week rate to apply.

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Ideal for those seeking a basic foundation for obedience.

Board & Train

Board & Train gives WHELP an opportunity to create a solid foundation which is more manageable for you to maintain upon their return home. We offer several options for Board & Train programs each designed with you and your dog’s unique situation in mind.

Board & Train is a great option for those of you with busy lives! This process will create a strong foundation, with visible results and without the big-time commitment, so you can start enjoying your dog, sooner vs. later. Each of our Board & Train packages include (4) four additional 30-minute private in-home training after your dog returns home, so you can continue working with your dog in your environment. Throughout the course of the Board & Train, you will receive daily updates of your dog’s progress complete with photos and video clips, so you don’t miss any of your pup’s milestones. At the end of your dog’s Board & Train, you will be provided with a training journal documenting all of your dog’s training behavior markers, cues and commands for ongoing reference.

Keep in mind, the real work always starts and ends at home. Success will be dependent upon your ongoing training efforts at home and consistency of that training. Training your dog should become part of your lifestyle.

Board & Train Includes:

  • Go-home review/recap (handover) with one of our head trainers (2-3 hrs). All family members, who will be part of the dog’s home training are encouraged to attend. This is a great opportunity to see first-hand what your pup has learned and see what needs to continue at home.
  • (4) Four, one-on-one, 30-minute private in-home training sessions. These sessions must be scheduled within the first (30) thirty days of the Board & Train.
  • A digital keepsake & journal documenting your dog’s journey with all of their markers, cues and commands.

FIVE DAYS: This package is for the dog* who needs better focus, recall, walk (heel) and will follow you on your next outdoor adventure.

Cost: $975 (five days)

*Please note this package is for dogs over 6 months old.

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TWO WEEKS: This package gives you a more intense option for training and includes a significant amount of socialization time and pack experiences. Throughout the two weeks your dog* will learn to walk on a loose leash, sit/stay, down/stay, place, waiting at thresholds & for food, and so much more. This package is for dogs who are social, or dogs who could benefit from stronger social skills, but are not aggressive to other dogs or humans.

Cost: $1,995 – $2,220 (two weeks)

*Please note this package is for dogs over 6 months old.

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TWO or THREE WEEKS: This package focuses on laying a strong foundation for a “better-behaved” dog. All of the basic obedience training will be included throughout this program, however, we will also address insecurities, fear issues, leash reactivity, jumping and running away, mouthing, nipping, excessive barking and any other unwanted behaviors. All training equipment and tools are included with this package pricing.

Cost: $2,495 (two weeks) • $3,595 (three weeks)

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Many puppy parents choose to have their puppy come straight to us from their breeder or foster home – let us do the hard work for you!

Our unique Puppy Camp: Board and Train Program is tailored to the specific needs of puppies under 5 months of age. We’ll jump start the potty training and crate-training process for you, help prevent unwanted behaviors like jumping, mouthing, and resource guarding, as well as teach your puppy all the foundation behaviors they’ll need to be a well-behaved, happy family dog.

All of our puppy campers enjoy a half-acre, securely fenced yard for exercise and training, plus a hiking trail and expansive field that’s perfect for recalls and leash training. It’s truly dog heaven!

For the safety of the puppies in our care, we require that all puppies are healthy and up-to-date on all vaccines for their age. If the puppy has been purchased from a pet store or adopted directly from a shelter, they must wait 14 days before coming to us. If the puppy has been in a foster home or was purchased from a private breeder, a shorter wait time will be considered.

Puppy Camp includes working with your puppy on:

  • Socialization and Play
  • Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • Help for Nipping and Chewing
  • Foundation Behaviors: Sit, Down, Touch, Stay, Come, Place
  • Impulse Control: Wait for Food, Leave It, Drop It, Loose Leash Walking

When your dog completes the Board and Train Program, you will receive a digital keepsake and training journal documenting all of your dog’s training behavior markers, cue’s and commands.

Cost: $800 (one week) • $1,500 (two weeks) • $120 (per night)

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Interested in Board & Train options?

Contact one of our head trainers for more details.


You play while we stay! With WHELP’s Overnight Pet Sitting Service, your pets can stay in their own environment even when you can’t be there. You can feel secure knowing that your home has the added measure of security that Overnight Pet Sitting provides. Consider this option the closest thing to being home yourself.

Keep in mind that your pet sitter/trainer may have other pet sitting or training appointments during the day, but will be using your home as their “home base.” The time spent with your pets will vary based on your sitter’s schedule, however, it will always include at least the minimum time stated above and, likely, more. We stand behind our name, and ELITE service is what you will receive.

Want to customize your overnight sitting package to include training? We can build a customizable package that’s unique to you and your pet’s needs!

Overnight Pet Sitting Includes:

  • Evening pet care routine between 4-7 pm (dinner and walking)
  • Midday walks as determined by scheduled overnight service type
  • Overnight stay (check-in by 10 pm)
  • Morning pet care routine between 6-9 am (breakfast and walking)
  • All the love, hugs, tummy rubs, and attention your pet needs
  • Medication administration
  • Cleaning/ tidying up of pet areas
  • Home-related care, like collecting newspapers, mail and packages, watering your indoor/ outdoor plants and gardens, alternating lights and blinds, putting out trash, caring for your outdoor wildlife (squirrels/ birds), etc.
  • Any other reasonable pet or home care—we personalize every visit to accommodate you and your pet’s needs
This is our most popular option and is modeled after a typical 8-5 work day schedule. Your pet(s) will have a max. 8-9 hours alone during the day, then companionship in the evening, and overnight. Overnight pet sitting includes a minimum of: late afternoon/ dinner pet care routine + dog walking, overnight stay + PM walking, and morning pet care routine + AM walking.

Cost: $85 (per night)

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This package includes all of the amenities listed under “Standard”, plus (2) two additional 30-minute mid-day walks/ visits. A fantastic option for households with puppies, older dogs, or pups who are used to having lots of attention/ work from home. With this option, your pet(s) won’t be without a friend for more than 3-4 hours, at any time during the day or night.

Cost: $105 (per night)

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24-Hour Care: This is the best option for medically fragile pets, new puppies, or other unique needs. Your pet sitter will be away from your home for only a maximum of (2) two, 2-hour breaks in a 24-hour period (in extreme cases less time away can be arranged).

Cost: Please contact directly for a custom tailored package and pricing.

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You Play While We Stay!

Rest assured we’ll take care of your pet.